Amsel IP Law Pricing Models

Amsel IP Law offers a wide range of transparent and flexible pricing models tailored to your specific needs.  Pricing models may include:

Flat Fee Services

Many common patent prosecution tasks such as preparing and filing Patent Applications, responding to Office Actions, and Post-Allowance Activities can be performed on a flat fee basis.  The flat fee model enables cost predictability and ensures there are no surprises in your legal budget.  Before beginning flat fee tasks, Amsel IP Law will work with you to outline the scope of the work and associated flat fee to find a solution that meets your budget and goals.

Subscription-Based Services

Amsel IP Law offers a monthly Subscription Plan to provide recurring counseling at a low monthly cost.  The Subscription Plan is specifically targeted specifically to startup companies that may not currently need extensive support, but nevertheless understand the need to maintain an IP strategy in an ongoing proactive manner to mitigate risk and avoid potential loss of critical rights.

Traditional Hourly Services

For companies that prefer a traditional hourly fee model or for complex tasks with less predictable scope, Amsel IP Law offers cost-effective hourly rates significantly lower than the large firms.  The firm will work closely with you to provide estimates and cap hourly time according to your needs to ensure you can effectively manage your legal budget.

More Information on Pricing?

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Jason Amsel

Founder and Principal Attorney

Jason Amsel is an intellectual property attorney, entrepreneur, and startup advisor.    Prior to founding Amsel IP Law, Jason spent 15 years at a large Silicon Valley law firm working with technology startup companies from inception through major acquisitions and IPOs. Throughout his career, Jason has drafted and prosecuted thousands of patent applications for companies ranging from early stage startups to large public companies […]


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