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    Amsel IP Law crafts IP strategies that closely align with its clients’ business goals, delivering IP portfolios that increase valuations and positions clients for investment and acquisition.

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    Modern Approach

    In a historically slow moving industry, Amsel IP Law adopts contemporary business models, cutting edge software, and advanced analytics tools to deliver modernized legal services that fit the clients it serves.

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    Deep Experience

    Equipped with technical expertise, Silicon Valley roots, and a Big Law background, Amsel IP Law has experience building IP programs for cutting edge technology companies, serving as a trusted advisor from inception through major IPOs.

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    Exceptional Value

    As a boutique firm, Amsel IP Law operates with low overhead and high efficiency, passing savings onto its clients without sacrificing value.  The firm offers simple flat fee billing arrangements for cost predictability and transparency.


Amsel IP Law was founded to pursue a vision for a law firm sharing the values and culture of the technology startup community that inspired the firm to open its doors.  Like the firm’s clients, Amsel IP Law brings a level of ingenuity, sophistication, and passion to its services that yields exceptional results and value.

Amsel IP Law believes in a holistic approach to IP strategy centered around its clients’ business goals. This means taking the time to intimately understand each clients’ businesses and crafting IP strategies that return value on their investments.  The firm work closely with its clients according to their unique needs, and is committed to advising each client’s business as a trusted partner.

Amsel IP Law’s narrow focus on intellectual property gives the firm deep expertise to navigate evolving areas of law and complex new technologies.  And the firm’s broad experience working with startups through all stages of their lifecycles leaves the firm positioned to foresee the issues that can make or break a company, resulting in high value IP assets that stand up to scrutiny.

Amsel IP Law understands the importance of cost predictability and transparency to its startup clients.  Unlike firms that rely solely on traditional hourly rate models, Amsel IP Law offers simple flat fee structures without surprises, allowing startups to efficiently manage their budgets throughout their growth.

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IP Strategy

The right IP strategy for your company must be intimately tied to your business goals. Amsel IP Law provides customized IP strategies to deter competition, increase valuations, and protect core innovations. Whether you are a mature company seeking to take a more strategic approach to IP, or a new startup seeking to file your first patents, Amsel IP Law will provide sophisticated IP strategies tailored to your specific needs.


IP Counseling

A strong intellectual property position requires ongoing attention to your IP matters as your technology, your company, and your business position evolves. Based on years of experience working with countless startup companies across a wide range of industries, Amsel IP Law provides IP counseling tailored to the needs and risks of your specific business. The firm's range of counseling services includes advising on your existing IP portfolio, developing new patent programs, conducting IP audits, performing freedom-to-operate analysis, conducting patentability analysis, consulting on foreign patent strategy, and other related services.


Patent Prosecution

Amsel IP Law provides a full range of domestic and foreign patent prosecution services. The firm drafts high quality patent applications with sophisticated claim strategies and works efficiently with patent examiners to get applications to grant. The firm will also work closely with you to develop strategies for continuation and divisional filings, as well as develop a foreign filing and prosecution approach that fits your company's business and budget.


Patent Analysis

Amsel IP Law provides a full range of patent analysis services including:

  • patentability analysis
  • freedom-to-operate analysis
  • patent infringement analysis
  • patent validity analysis


IP Due Diligence

In a high stakes investment or M&A transaction, vetting a target company's IP can be critical to closing the deal. For a company being targeted, the firm will work with you to field requests from the buyer/investor and move quickly to stay ahead of any issues to ensure the deal gets done. For investors or acquirers, Amsel IP Law will customize a strategy for vetting the target company's IP position to provide a full picture of the risks associated with transaction.




Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, and Drones

Areas of expertise include humanoid robotics, autonomous vehicles, drones, cloud computing, mobility systems, sensor systems, manufacturing robotics, computer vision, and other related technologies.


Artificial Intelligence

Areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, classifiers, deep learning, and related technologies.



Areas of expertise include anti-malware technology, access control technologies, cryptography, threat assessment technologies, AI-based cybersecurity solutions, and related technologies.


Medical Devices & Digital Health

Areas of expertise include digital health, medical devices, medical imaging, and biometric sensing and analysis, and related technologies.


Consumer Electronics

Areas of expertise include camera systems, virtual reality systems, augmented reality systems, display devices, audio systems, home medical systems, and related technologies.



Areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, cybersecurity, networking technologies, video/audio processing, and related technologies.



Areas of expertise include display devices, LED devices, memory devices, wireless communication devices, power converters, and other related technologies.


Clients and Partners

Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Investors

Amsel IP Law has the privilege of working with many of the world’s most innovative and inspiring tech companies ranging from early startups to large public companies.

The firm’s clients and partners are innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, and disrupters.

Amsel IP Law works with companies across a wide range of technical fields and provides customized solutions to meet each of their unique needs.

Representative Clients and Partners
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Jason Amsel

Founder and Principal Attorney

Jason Amsel is an intellectual property attorney, entrepreneur, and startup advisor.    Prior to founding Amsel IP Law, Jason spent 15 years at a large Silicon Valley law firm working with technology startup companies from inception through major acquisitions and IPOs. Throughout his career, Jason has drafted and prosecuted thousands of patent applications for companies ranging from early stage startups to large public companies […]


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